Once we have discussed your requirements I will provide a detailed estimate for your consideration. Once accepted a start date which is convenient to both of us can be agreed.

All work is carried out on site, which in the case of bespoke joinery ie Alcove cupboards & Wardrobes gives you more flexibility as you see the items develop on a daily basis. In the event of you making changes to specification during the work the cost is kept down to a minimum as entire items do not have to be remade.

The working site is still your Home and this fact is respected throughout the works I personally would not like someone to work in my home and not treat it with respect so why should anything be different with yourself, therefore dust sheets are used where necessary, electric saws and planer are attached to a dust extractor. And the general mess is kept under control and cleaned up at the end of the works (if necessary this can also apply to the end of the day). Working hours can be agreed prior to commencement of work so as not to disturb your daily routine.

Unless provisions for rubbish removal are made in the form of a skip etc, all rubbish is bagged and cut to manageable sizes but becomes your responsibility for discarding.

Payments unless otherwise agreed are; An initial payment to cover cost of materials once delivered to site, followed by weekly payments to cover labour costs, full and final payment due on completion of the works to your satisfaction.